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Only 2,000 copies of Sugar Daddy 101 are left. After these copies are gone Leidra will NOT be selling the paperback version anymore, in preparation for her new book coming out. Purchase your copy now to get your Collectors Edition with autograph and personal note.

Author Leidra Lawson's ten years of experience as a sugar baby--and having given many men and women "sugar baby/sugardaddy dating lessons"--led her to write this unique book.

Sugar Daddy 101 will show you how to meet rich men. You can get a sugar daddy to: pay for college, give you a monthly allowance, put you into his will, get money to start a business! A sugar daddy can show you how to make money and open a business. Some women have paved to road to success with help from a sugardaddy and learned how to get rich. 

  • Learn how to use online dating to date a millionaire and marry rich. A rich benefactor can make a good sugar daddy.
  • Learn how online dating is a great way to meet successful men. Wealthy dating is what ladies love to do today.
  • Learn how many wealthy men use online dating and the personals to find women for pampering and spoiling. 
  • Learn how some women can even marry a millionaire or marry a billionaire, while other women choose to be a kept woman by dating rich men. 

You can meet a sugar daddy anywhere - even unexpected places: home improvement stores, gourmet supermarkets, banks, in upscale neighborhoods, and many more...

Sugar Daddy 101 includes:
¤ Step-by-step guide how to get a sugar daddy.
¤ Numerous provocative stories from Leidra and her sugar baby buddies.
¤ Quick reference guide, a worksheet, and a glossary so that "sugar-babies-in-training" can learn quickly and get out there and meet their own sugar daddy!

Leidra's Sugar Daddy Dating Tips:

1. A rich man is most likely not looking for a gold digger. He wants to share his money and lifestyle with a woman that likes him for more than just his money.

2. Single millionaires like to spoil women that are pretty and intelligent.

3. Some sugar babies marry money to find true happiness.

4. Dating older men is as great way to search for a good sugar daddy.

5. Just being rich is not what leads to long-term happiness.

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